Blogging Is Not Rocket Science

downloadBlogging is one of the most sought after platform for expressing one’s thoughts apart from social media. Let us quickly discuss one of the common questions that arise whenever you are thinking of
how to start a blog. Whether you are an expert or a novice to the blogging world, hosting is one common word you will come across. There are two ways to host your blog for attracting traffic.

The first option is to use an individual domain name that the user can host on their own. This would be a paid service and the user must pay a small subscription fee to do so.
The second option is to use the free service from domains such as or or any other blogging sites. There is not subscription applicable for these pages that are hosted by the blogging platforms themselves.

A common question that crosses anyone’s mind is choosing between these two options. Both of them are different and the options that one gets through the services are different too. One technical difference is that using the first method, the user gets complete access to its blog and the option of choosing a domain name. Purchasing your own domain means the blog would be a .com website instead of website. This is a major difference using which anyone can identify how the blog is hosted. I understand when you are new you probably do not want to pay money for hosting your own website. However, it is important to switch to the self-hosting option that has more options.

For example, one of the blog hosting site allows the users to create a blog page for free but with limitations. In case you are new to the blogging universe, blogger is one of the platforms that are provided by Google. Therefore, blogger is more google-centric and some might not like this feature. Also, any images that are hosted on the blogs at blogger will have all images posted via Picasa, which is Google’s tool for image editing and saving. Even though this sounds like a long process, once the basic setup is done, it becomes relatively easy to deal with content.

The first pre-requisite for creating a blogger account is to have a google account. Using your Gmail, you can create blog pages in blogger. Once the user logs in with his email account, a name for the blog has to be chosen. The name of the blog has to be catchy and easy to remember. It is also important to keep the name of the blog post as smaller as possible so that people do not forget the name of the blog. Once the blog name is chosen and the blog is created, all that is required to do would be to choose them, font and layout of the web page. Now a basic page is set up. All that is left to do is post some mind boggling thoughts or blog posts that attract people towards the blog. It is important to maintain the website traffic and the only way to achieve this is to ensure that content is posted on a regular time period.