Body Language Guidelines To Be Followed By Salon Professionals

lsDo you know that you can now book your salon appointment from an online app? Online booking software for hair salons is widely in use. The salon businesses now incorporated the online booking software on their website for easy booking.

It is not good practice to speak with your clients in crossed arms, jutting chin or looking at your phone or watch during the conversation. You must communicate with your clients in the salon using the combination of voice tone, body language, nonverbal signs and words.

The new salon professionals behave with the same body language they use at home or with their friends. This type of body language reduces your client pleasant salon experience. You must promote positive body language tips for your team members in a salon.

The first body language which is important is you must maintain eye contact with our clients. The good eye contacts tell that you have respect and interest to what your client like to say you. The experts suggest that you should maintain minimum 60-70% of eye contacts during the initial consultation with your clients. During the client consultation, you must prevent any physical barriers like holding a hairdryer, mug etc. When you need to hold any items you must keep it around your waist level and not nearer to your chest level.

Your clients must feel that you show interest to their speech by tilting your head to one side, leaning forward and nodding your head. These are the positive non-verbal signs that reveal your client that you are engaged in the conversation and listening to them actively. Few negative non-verbal signs are keeping your hands in your pocket, leaning backward etc.

Your small and hand signs also reveal major feelings during consultation with your clients. You must prevent pointing with an index finger or thumb since it appears that you are rude. Open hand gestures like palms facing up are the positive sign. Raising your palms slightly up and outward reveals that you are friendly and open.

Like hands, your feet tells your true feeling when you stretch, curl and twiddle your feet it conveys that you feel bored, stressed etc. It is good to keep your foot still.

You must respect your client’s personal space and you ever maintain a close relationship because it looks intrusive. In the salon business, a right touch can improve your bonding with the client. Many experts tell that a light touch develops bonding and trust. You can gently guide your client with a light touch to the arm.

There are some postures that show you are anxious. It is best to hold the postures of confident and you are an expert in this field so that your clients get hope in their initial days. You must avoid hunching your shoulders forward, fidgeting with jewelry, biting your nails etc. The positive and confident postures include sitting straight, spread your body weight equally on both of your legs, and relax your shoulders and few others. It is a must to follow the above verbal and non-verbal signs when consulting with your hands.