Fighting The War Against Backup And Disaster Recovery

backup and recovery

The ever growing challenge of a business is to combat data backup and disaster recovery. The modern day data backup applications are capable of capturing data changes frequently and closely compounded with backup hardware. There are assembled products available for backup and recovery purposes thereby cutting down the need for exclusive software for disaster recovery. More and more backup software are evolving to enhance the functionality of disaster recovery. Mustard IT offers backup and disaster recovery to SMEs. is the one stop information for latest disaster recovery management techniques you can adopt for your company.

There are several components of disaster recovery starting from transporting data from primary to secondary data center. This means moving data to digital medium and shipping it to a safe off-site location. Another option would be to duplicate the data onto a secondary site over the WAN. Data center replicate data and manage them separately due to the lack of backup software. In this case the administrator was required to manually vouch for the security of the data at the off site location.

In the modern day scenario disaster recovery is incorporated into the backup process directly. There is nothing called a separate process and the recovery happens as part of the backup product. The data backup software helps in data replication. It is stored as snapshots and the replication software duplicates the data and stores in a remote location. Moreover the software can initiate disk backup and then activate replication process. The data replication can be done both internally and remotely.

The negative side of the use of backup software for disaster recover management is attributed to lack of hardware support. For instance a large vendor will support disk backup appliance or production storage only. This could mean a single vendor support to standardize vendor products. As an alternative data replication can be done natively. Here the backup software uses source side duplication and block tracking to provide WAN efficient strategy for backup.