Spend Your Money Wisely While Buying A Gaming Mouse


Video game enthusiasts will know the true beauty of a gaming mouse. There are ample of options to choose from, however only a few are able to become that popular. Spending money wisely can get you a desirable product. People tend to buy anything that they find has printed gaming mouse on the top. When buying a gaming mouse there are a few points you need to strictly embed in your mind. DPI value needs to be monitored first, which means dots per inch. Even when you see mouse makers, you will find them shouting about the DPI value their mouse has got.

DPI value is important as it implies the sensitivity of a mouse. More sensitive the mouse is, better will be your gaming experience. The quick response becomes easier with this mouse. High DPI value also means that your cursor will move greater distance with a little shift of the mouse also. Low DPI value results in less movement of the cursor. Visit bestgamingmouse.online to know more about the DPI value. A gaming mouse has a DPI range from 200 to 8000. Very high DPI value mouse are also there in the market. As high as 16,000 DPI range is there on the market today.

Office or other general purpose mouse has a DPI value below 1000. Most gamers find it comfortable in between 800 to 3000 DPI. Next characteristic to look upon is the polling rate. It is the number of times your mouse will report its position to the computer. High polling rate is actually considered to be good, as it will make your mouse movement more accurate. Your computer gets to know more often about, where the cursor is actually located. Then there is a decision to make in between a wired and a wireless mouse. It completely depends on your convenience.

A number of buttons on the device needs to be monitored. It depends on your experience, what you can handle in a device. A lightweight and minimalistic maintenance mouse will be the best buy. After all, your target is to play your favorite game in the most convenient way and nothing else. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is a 12,000 DPI laser sensor gaming mouse. Extremely light and easy functionality have made this mouse very popular among masses. There are 9 reprogrammable buttons on the mouse. It comes with a 30-hour battery life.

Among another popular mouse, there is Razer Mamba which is a 16,000 DPI gaming mouse. It comes with a 5G laser sensor and a 1 ms response time. With a click force technology, this is a perfect mouse for people who are expert gamers. COUGAR 700M is a gaming mouse with slightly lesser DPI value, which is 8,200. There are 8 reprogrammable buttons and an adjustable heel plate. With so many amazing products in the market, why not invest wisely in order to play our favorite games in the best way. Do not just blindly buy a product because you have to play a mere video game. Enjoy it what you do and that needs appropriate gears.